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I’m back

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S’up homo’s this is just a small update so you know i’m still alive but anyway. A lot has happenned since I last had the chance to get on here….

Tegan and Sara have released a new album (in the US which is not good considering i’m not there but also good because I can listen to the youtube streams until I get my hands on a physical copy!) and this week LGBT people were finally seen as human beings by the UK as an equal marriage bill has been passed which will legalise gay marriage 😀 This makes me sooo proud of where I live right now! There was a debate and some funny things were said that made me laugh by the MP’s against equal marriage but my favourite quote for was this: David Lammyh, Labour MP for Tottenham:”Let me speak frankly: separate but equal is a fraud. It is the language that tried to push Rosa Parks to the back of the bus.”
See this guy get’s equality!

Until next time …


P.S I apologise for the atrocious grammar and spelling 14 1/2 years in education has clearly taught me nothing whatsoever haha!

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Rookie’s Ask A Grown Woman with Tegan and Sara

This Video belongs to Rookie Mag an online teen magazine.

If your a queer lady or confused/questioning this video is amazing.


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