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Lush Fresh Farmacy Review

Lady Pilot Amelia Earhart

I absolutely love Lush it is my favourite place in the world and I would instantly abandon all my dreams of ever becoming a Pilot if it meant I could work there forever.

lush fresh farmacy

Fresh Farmacy Cleanser – Image is for lush.com but i got a bit paint crazy

Anyway a few months ago I was looking for a new cleanser and had heard great reviews about this and so went to Lush and got myself some. At first it dried my skin out but I’d put moisturizer on and it’d be fine but after a few weeks I started getting breakouts and silly me decided to carry on using it after hearing that it take your skin around a month to get used to a new routine but this made my face so bad and after the month I stopped as it was clearly not improving I had gone from spot free skin to breakouts everywhere my face hurt so bad. I went to Lush and asked them why was this happeing to my face and the guy there told me (even though he probably shouldn’t of but I give him props for being honest) that fresh farmacy dries your face out so if you have dry skin you start to produce oil and everything gets messy and you get spots and breakout everywhere! So to those with dry skin who don’t really have a problem except maybe de-hydration I would not recommend this at all but it seems to work for other people so i’ll let you make your own judgement.

angels on bare skin british nanny

Angels on Bare Skin & British Nanny (Source: lush.com)

After being a bit scared of Lush face cleansers for a while yesterday I got myself Angels on bare skin cleanser and a sample of British Nanny (formerly Skin Nanny) moisturiser. I’m gonna use them for a couple of weeks and hopefully I should have a blog post on what I think of it sometime next week 😀


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