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LGBT/Queer Wedding Magazine Project open for submissions!

Well hello there, it’s been a while!

I can’t guarantee this post will suddenly cause a surge of posts (probably not) but whilst i’m on here I wanna make this one count! 

And Today’s Topic is LGBT Wedding Magazines so here we go….

I have noticed a serious lack of LGBT Wedding Magazines that cater to what I want to see (I can’t describe the theme I want in words but here’s my pinterest board to give you some inspiration) and I came up with the idea of starting my own that which is Rainbow mag possibly just Rainbow i’m not sure yet (predictable title much ? Ha!). The problem is I have a complete lack of connections and cannot possibly provide enough content on my own to keep this an on going project. That is where you lovely people of the internet come into it; I would like for this project of mine to be partly reader submission based with a few contributors who don’t mind not being payed for this. You do not need any fancy qualifications or have to ever been published.

Submission content can include but is not limited to:

-Articles on the subject of LGBT Marriage/Weddings/Civil partnerships.-

-Cute Photos (ask the people in the photo’s or photographers permission first I don’t wanna infringe on anyone’s privacy here guys!).

-Proposal/Wedding Stories

-Companies that you might use for LGBT weddings

-Crafty D.I.Y’s

-Events e.g wedding fares

-Graphic design images (that you have created yourself; Why you ask? Copyright you silly gooses)

-Beautifying tips

-Style advice

-Underwear shopping guide for all genders (or if you have a specific gender you want to write about due to experience then by all means send it in)

It doesn’t have to be formal in fact I would rather it wasn’t as I want people to have fun contributing and reading it!

Send submissions or any questions you may have over to: rainbowmag@hotmail.com you can also comment on this post too 😀

The deadline for content for the first month will be the 28th December 2013. Although the email account will be open for submissions for the foreseeable future. There is no official launch date as of yet as I will need to see how many submissions I receive and organize and collate all the information into a readable layout.

If your content isn’t selected for the first month don’t worry it might be saved for a later date where it’s more suitable to the theme.

It will hopefully be hosted on wordpress.com with the tumblr rainbowmag.tumblr.com as it’s sidekick.

Also I am based in the UK but will accept content from all countries.

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